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Hidan no Aria Episode 11 & 12 [FINAL]: In Guns We Trust   1 comment

Once again it is time for another Hidan no Aria, but this time it will probably be the last. Unfortunately, this show was only slated for 12 episodes, mere crumbs compared to the amount of source material out there. People said this show didn’t got the full 24 episodes due to bad reception, but I call shenanigans on that. Even worse shows get more episodes than this. So I think the producers just failed to grasp the true appeal of this show. Anyway, I never got the chance to talk about this show in detail in my Spring 2011 season end report, because of time and length constraints. So I’ll make sure this time, for one last time, I can tell everything in the episode as detailed as possible…. Or maybe not, because I’m too lazy with narration. Anyway, here is my review for Hidan no Aria Episodes 11 and 12, as told all in one story.

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Hidan no Aria Episode 9: I got 99 problems… but a Butei ain’t one   1 comment

Finally I had the chance to catch up with the latest airings of Hidan no Aria. Seriously, my weekly blogging wouldn’t be complete without a dose of cheesy anime action, crappy high school harem antics, and of course some Rie Kugimiya.

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Hidan no Aria Episode 7 & 8: HUWAIITOO SEIIIBAA!!!   Leave a comment

Hidan no Aria’s latest two episodes have delved right into the core of the second arc, which involves one of the characters, Shirayuki, and the main villain, Durandal. It had a rough start, which traces back to episode six, and I felt certain plot points were given too much attention, which bogged down the whole storyline. But fortunately, the pacing of the story didn’t slowed down, and the action scenes kept the overall momentum of the show. But of course it wouldn’t be without its deep commentary to history and the different mishmash of concepts that were inserted to this show, which resulted into the high-school-moĆ©-harem-comedy-drama-action-superpower-historical-detective-cop show that is Hidan no Aria.

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Hidan no Aria Episode 6: Like blogging an episode of Shuffle! for F’s sake   Leave a comment

It’s time again for another episode of Hidan no Aria. Well, This episode wasn’t very interesting. I don’t know why I’m even blogging this, as this one was as boring, if not, even on par with the “cat” one. I couldn’t express enough disappointment for this episode. Heck, the picture above was even more interesting to look at than the whole thing. I don’t have much to say this time, so this blogpost will be fairly short. But I hope people would still find time to read this, as I will still try my damnest to give my thoughts on the episode.

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Hidan no Aria Episode 5: Fuzakeruna, Fansubs   Leave a comment

Now we’re back again for another installment of Hidan no Aria. This time not only the episode was chock-full of suspense and action, but also I was lucky enough to witness this epic episode in trollsubs, courtesy of GG fansubs, which made the show just unbearable to watch. But that’s the reason I am watching this show anyway. To inflict pain and suffering to my wretched soul. So anyway, here’s the rest of the episode. Enjoy.

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