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Hanasaku Iroha Episode 9: Mai Glorified Surice of Rife   Leave a comment

Sorry it took me a long time to make a new post, but to be honest, there isn’t too much to blog about the current anime season. Not that it’s boring and all, but nothing sticks out too much to me (I remember way back in 2007 when every show was hot topic on /a/), and to show what I mean, I would be doing an episode summary on Hanasaku Iroha, a slice of life show. I repeat, a slice of life show. And to think that this show is the current hip new thing this season, along with AnoHana AND Nichijou. Wow, since when did the spring season become this anticlimactic, in the moe department at least? Is it because people are still hard-on for Madoka Magica, including myself? Is it because a superhero show like Tiger and Bunny is the closest thing we have to action now, and not a Sunrise-produced mecha show? Is it because of ponies? Well, I don’t know at the moment. But I do know right now it’s about the Ohana. And her Ohananess. So read more to find out.

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Spring Anime 2011 Mid-Season Report   Leave a comment

I have been a whole lot busy within these past few days, not to mention watching a whole lot of My Little Pony, but I am here anyway to present to you my thoughts so far on the Spring shows of 2011. And I promise not to tell spoilers as much as possible, so anyone, especially those who haven’t picked up any show yet, can read this post without any problem and hopefully find this report useful.

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Spring Anime 2011: Initial Report Part 1   Leave a comment

I figured I should start my first post with my thoughts on the new shows. In the Spring anime season of 2011, I have watched some series so far out of GOD how many, while ignoring some titles, mostly sequels I never got around to, like Gintama and Kampfer. The titles I’ll be doing has at least 2 episodes out, so I can give a better opinion on if I should continue or not.

There were also also OVAs and specials that aired, but I feel I won’t do justice for these consdering the interval of their airing. So I decide to wait and finish their run before doing reviews from them. Also don’t worry since this is the just the first part, I will do impressions on other shows I’m interested in, like Kaiji and The World God Only Knows (Kaminomi). Now let’s get this thing started. Read More…