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Wake Up, Girls! Episode 1 and the twisted humor of Yamakan   Leave a comment

Well its that time of the year again. I just finished watching the bulk of first episodes that aired for the 2014 Winter season. But one show did grab my attention, and it is Wake Up, Girls!, a show produced by Studio Ordet, a.k.a the studio created by Haruhi Production Director Yutaka Yamamoto a.k.a Yamakan, with original concepts from said man. I am particularly fond of his works, take it as you will, since he has an eye for good production values (which is something to say since the man is partly responsible for Haruhi’s success). Since then, he has been hit-or-miss (Kannagi was good until the last episode, Fractale was a good show for me but most people said it was shit because it strayed away from the novels/manga whatever which I have never read, well anyway FUCK THOSE PEOPLE), but this time he is back as the main guy for Wake Up, Girls! (or “WUG!” or maybe “WU, G!” (like woo, gee!) for short?), so I will try to get through my impression of his major comeback show (major because some other notable names are in this show as well).

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Yahari Ore SNAFU Episode 5 – Comparing Subs for Hikki’s “Nice Girl” rant   1 comment

I just watched the 5th episode of Yahari Ore shit this title’s way too long (Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru) SNAFU. Anyway, long story short, I was impressed by the writing of Hikigaya’s beautiful ramblings at the end of the episode…

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TURTLE EYES!   Leave a comment

I just watched the 2nd Nanoha movie, all I can say is it did a good job of fixing Hayate’s design (She’s much cuter now). Also, TURTLE EYES!

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Well, Psycho-Pass just ended. Guess what, the ending certainly didn’t live up to its hype. Read more to know what I mean.

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Spring Anime 2011 Mid-Season Report   Leave a comment

I have been a whole lot busy within these past few days, not to mention watching a whole lot of My Little Pony, but I am here anyway to present to you my thoughts so far on the Spring shows of 2011. And I promise not to tell spoilers as much as possible, so anyone, especially those who haven’t picked up any show yet, can read this post without any problem and hopefully find this report useful.

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Madoka Magica is Evangelion? I don’t get it…   6 comments


Most people have been comparing Madoka Magica to other titles, from Bokurano, and several others, but most especially to that notorious franchise Neon Genesis Evangelion. While most people have concluded that Madoka had borrowed some concepts from that show (because apparently anything German is supposed to scream Eva all over), it really irritates me a LOT when people say Evangelion and Madoka are both closest to one another. This particular argument is very debatable, so I would rather not discuss much about it. But for me, I want facts. I want real proof that Madoka Magica is indeed not the twin brother (or sister) to that overly-pretentious, overly-controversial and massively popular show. So my first question is: Is there really something out there made before that is the closest to Madoka Magica? Well, fortunately there is.

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Riding the Backlog: Rideback (2009)   Leave a comment

Rideback (image from Pixiv)

Yesterday I finally had the free time to watch one of the anime that was dusting in my backlog for so long: Rideback. This show aired back in the winter season of 2009 (I think sequels of both Clannad and Gundam 00 were airing at that time), so I never got around this show back then. But I was planning to watch this anyway, because of the incredible premise: BALLERINA ON FUTURISTIC ROBOT BIKES. How awesome is that? Read More…

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