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Wake Up, Girls! Episode 1 and the twisted humor of Yamakan   Leave a comment

Well its that time of the year again. I just finished watching the bulk of first episodes that aired for the 2014 Winter season. But one show did grab my attention, and it is Wake Up, Girls!, a show produced by Studio Ordet, a.k.a the studio created by Haruhi Production Director Yutaka Yamamoto a.k.a Yamakan, with original concepts from said man. I am particularly fond of his works, take it as you will, since he has an eye for good production values (which is something to say since the man is partly responsible for Haruhi’s success). Since then, he has been hit-or-miss (Kannagi was good until the last episode, Fractale was a good show for me but most people said it was shit because it strayed away from the novels/manga whatever which I have never read, well anyway FUCK THOSE PEOPLE), but this time he is back as the main guy for Wake Up, Girls! (or “WUG!” or maybe “WU, G!” (like woo, gee!) for short?), so I will try to get through my impression of his major comeback show (major because some other notable names are in this show as well).

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Yahari Ore SNAFU Episode 5 – Comparing Subs for Hikki’s “Nice Girl” rant   1 comment

I just watched the 5th episode of Yahari Ore shit this title’s way too long (Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru) SNAFU. Anyway, long story short, I was impressed by the writing of Hikigaya’s beautiful ramblings at the end of the episode…

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TURTLE EYES!   Leave a comment

I just watched the 2nd Nanoha movie, all I can say is it did a good job of fixing Hayate’s design (She’s much cuter now). Also, TURTLE EYES!

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Well, Psycho-Pass just ended. Guess what, the ending certainly didn’t live up to its hype. Read more to know what I mean.

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Suddenly, I can now Russian…   Leave a comment

The latest episode of Little Busters was no doubt sad (but not surprising either knowing Key stuff), but this particular scene suddenly turned all that sadness away into confusion…

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Balls…   5 comments

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Of Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita and Adventure Time…   Leave a comment

The shows that have been airing this season (summer 2012) have always been the standard for almost every anime season. Pretty girls, boobs, robots (not trying to describe one show here), high school related plots, and many others probably listed at the TvTropes section for anime. But one show has piqued my interest, and likely most of the current anime followers (*cough* weeaboos *cough*) had caught on also. It’s Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (or Jintai for short), from the light novels written by Romeo Tanaka and animated by the anime studio AIC ASTA.
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