I am now playing some Katawa Shoujo!   Leave a comment

I was planning to write something lengthy for the blog yesterday, but I just got word that Katawa Shoujo has finally gone gold, after 5 years! Read more to find out what I think of the game…

I remembered playing the demo not too long ago, and based from what I played so far, is something definitely worth playing for people who are into visual novels and stuff. Only played one route as of now (Emi, the amputated runner), and I found that enjoyable. You could see both the Japanese and western romantic story influences in the writing, and of course the quality of the art is amazing. The scripts are really well thought and has a nice balance of comedy and romance. There were also couple of things I was totally not expecting from a free release, like short animated scenes (not Flash-based animation, but real animation) and some beautiful music tracks. Really worth the download.

I would just like to congratulate the guys at 4 Leaf Studios, and the anons of 4chan of course for making the game possible.

Game Website
Walkthrough (seriously, play one route without this first)

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