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Once again it is time for another Hidan no Aria, but this time it will probably be the last. Unfortunately, this show was only slated for 12 episodes, mere crumbs compared to the amount of source material out there. People said this show didn’t got the full 24 episodes due to bad reception, but I call shenanigans on that. Even worse shows get more episodes than this. So I think the producers just failed to grasp the true appeal of this show. Anyway, I never got the chance to talk about this show in detail in my Spring 2011 season end report, because of time and length constraints. So I’ll make sure this time, for one last time, I can tell everything in the episode as detailed as possible…. Or maybe not, because I’m too lazy with narration. Anyway, here is my review for Hidan no Aria Episodes 11 and 12, as told all in one story.

The eleventh episode provided the set-up for Kinji, Aria and Riko’s infiltration plan. Nothing much happened in the start. (Do you see now where I fail with details?)

They were able to enter Vlad’s mansion in Yokohama, but much to their surprise, it was their teacher Sayonaki that came to answer the door. He explains the reason for being there in the first place. Then he later accepts Aria and Kinji to work as maids. Not that he’s hiding any secret research or anything, but can he be at least a little suspicious of a couple of detective students getting part-time jobs as house maids in his mansion?

And so, Kinji and Aria began to work as maids, but at the same time started surveying the area for any hints on how to get on the rosary. After figuring out the location of the target and the tight security that surrounds it, it’s now time to initiate the plan: Aria would provide the opening by distracting the teacher in his rose garden, then Kinji would then proceed to snag the rosary from its location, and replace it with a fake one. The plan was a smooth success, but not without the help of a few seductions from Riko, and Kinji’s raging hysteria.

But the world of spies, as we know it, is full of deception. After getting the rosary back, Riko then pulled the wool over Kinji and Aria’s eyes. Using her newfound powers she got from the rosary, she points her guns with her Super Saiyan hair wielding a knife to them. Indeed, it was a pretty intense scene to end the eleventh episode.

And we are now in the final episode of Hidan no Aria. As Riko starts to attack the duo, a taser gun suddenly pierced her back. Riko was shocked from electrocution as she falls to the ground, and to her (and Kinji/Aria’s) surprise, the taser attack came from none other than…

Sayonaki-sensei himself! He found out about the rosary being switched! And he’s not very happy about it. With an evil smirk on his face, he humiliates Riko by telling Kinji and Aria about Riko’s past and her inferiority to the Lupin bloodline. And after that, it seems it wasn’t enough for Sensei to just bad-mouth Riko. Riko was a bad, bad girl, and she needed to be taught a good lesson.

BAMM! SHOVES THE FAKE ROSARY TO THE MOUTH! Riko struggles as she desperately tries to take sensei’s hand off her mouth, like a wrestler trying to get out of Mr. Socko. Sayonaki continues to mandible jaw the hell out of Riko in a strangely erotic way, then lets her go. But it looks like that wasn’t enough. Oh no, it was never enough for Sayonaki-motherfucking-sensei.

FACE TO FOOT STYLE! HOW DO YOU LIKE IT? Sayonaki begings to step on Riko’s face, squeaking his soles in her like the treacherous trash that she is. Kinji and Aria were just watching in horror as Riko gets the humiliation of her life. And to think that this guy was their androgynous teacher not too long ago. This level of insanity cannot be compared to anyone seen before in Hidan no Aria. After being done with Riko, Sensei begins to go after Kinji and Aria.

Sensei’s voice then began to change. His muscles starts to grow immensely, tearing his suit apart. Sayonaki-sensei is no ordinary human. Kinji and Aria, horrified at this forming monstrocity, must have some clue about Sensei’s real identity from the way he controls the two wolves. But this was something they have never seen before. Sayonaki-sensei, as we know it, is none other than…

Vlad the Last Vampire, werewolf orc something…. WAIT, WHAT? Now, now, I know that vampires and werewolves were connected in some sort of way (based from watching the Underworld movies, which by the the way confused the living fuck out of me between the difference of those two creatures), but come on Hidan no Aria, at least show some sense of conventionality to your audience. Not everyone is going to know Dracula can transform into anything including a werewolf, so at least show us some dude with a cape or fang or someone with shining skin. And please for the love of god, stop with the inane, misleading references to English literature. It’s making my brain hurt even more. So anyway, this monster known as Dracula is more than just a orcish vampire werewolf. He apparently has all the powers of all the people he has sucked before, so he has other powers too like immunity to sun, regeneration and what not.

Not only that, he has also caused Aria’s mother 99 years of imprisonment by false charges. And so I ask, just what the hell is Aria’s mom? Can she turn into a vampire werewolf too? Did those cops fail to see the scratch and teeth marks when they were inspecting some incident, and just accused Aria’s mom for the heck of it? That mom must be one hell of a criminal to get all those charges.

And so, Kinji and Aria begins to attack Dracula, using the drawing Jeanne gave him earlier. But Dracula proves to be much, much more stronger than that. They managed to hit Dracula in his supposedly fourth mark, his heart. But unfortunately the fourth mark Riko told them was not right. Enraged, the beast suddenly throws a boner-less Kinji out of the top floor, leaving him hanging on a pole, as Dracula laughs maniacally. And speaking of that laugh, it was less of a maniacal laugh and more of a… gargle? Just try to listen to it to see what I mean.

Not only you Aria, everyone else watching too.

Fortunately, Kinji was saved by Riko, and her glider school uniform. As Riko tries to convince Kinji to leave Aria, Aria has now caught herself cornered. The werewolf is just too strong for their weapons. Not only that, his body keeps on regenerating, his roars are too powerful, and our heroes are almost out of bullets. This rooftop battle has gone way too out of hand. There is no one there to save them out of this mess.

I just want to ask, where the fuck is the building security on this place? Can’t they hear loud roars and cement tearing apart coming from the rooftop?

I guess not.

Anyway, meanwhile at midair, Kinji was refusing to escape with Riko, because he couldn’t leave Aria back there. Also, Kinji believes there is still a way to defeat Dracula, and Riko shouldn’t be crippled by her past and should she should prove her worth as herself, you know, that kind of inspirational crap. And so Riko regains her confidence, and with Kinji, she tries to get Aria away from the rooftop to save her, and come up with a new strategy.

I just can’t figure how does that glider/parachute school uniform work.

Trying to regain Kinji’s raging boner (hysteria) x 1

Trying to regain Kinji’s raging boner (hysteria) x 2

Game on.

Now with Kinji able to think like a badass again, he devises a plan for them. The three of them (Kinji, Aria, Riko) had only one bullet remaining for each of their guns (4 total), which is just the same number as Dracula’s weakness points. So this is the only chance they left on defeating Dracula. They just have to believe in themselves, believe in their friends (Butei Charter Law #1), and most of all, believe in their guns.

Protip: It’s in the mouth

As the opening theme plays in the background, the climactic part of the last episode begins to take place. Although it is still too early, I just want to say it has been nice knowing this show, and I want to thank the creators of this show (J.C Staff and other producers) for making this crowning gem of a story and plot, for people like me to watch every week and make pointless posts on blogs about it. Without this show, this blog would have been less active, less fun, and therefore, would have been more readable for people out there. Like I said in my spring season final report, it’s these shows that needs to be represented as they are in the community, and not as bad shows that everyone’s making it out to be. I am doing my part in advocating the proper mindset of watching these shows, and I wish more people would see the same.

Game on.

And finally we hit the very end of the episode, and the end of the series as well. Vlad the vampire is now defeated, EU is now out of the picture, Riko proved to herself she can surmount the first Lupin, and now they have one teacher less in their butei academy. It is truly a feat for our heroes, and now they can continue to live as normal butei students. Or can they? Maybe we’ll find that out in the second season… if it ever gets made. I really hope so, since I heard there are more things happening after the EU arc, or the first three books. It will depend on how the Japanese DVDs do on sales. Given its current popularity, we can only pray.

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  1. Lol, nice summary. It also was kind of funny how Riko and Kinji went DOWN the roof to escape, but when they came to save aria, they DESCENDED to the same place they fell off of. Dont tell me Rikos a jumper too?

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