Hidan no Aria Episode 9: I got 99 problems… but a Butei ain’t one   1 comment

Finally I had the chance to catch up with the latest airings of Hidan no Aria. Seriously, my weekly blogging wouldn’t be complete without a dose of cheesy anime action, crappy high school harem antics, and of course some Rie Kugimiya.

This episode begins a new arc in the story of our main characters, Kinji and Aria. But this time it starts off at a rather different note. We all know that Hidan no Aria borrows its roots from spy movies, detective dramas, and those film Noir-esque kind of stuff. Scarcely. And like those kind of gritty, nasty and dark shows, time to time they will have show up a sex scene, usually involving the main character, and the enemy “femme fatale” that he’s chasing after.

And that was how the episode exactly started.

And of course since this is anime aired in national Japanese TV, they can’t show a straight up intercourse. So the episode has to devise a way to do that, by starting with the tease.

We now see Kinji being seduced by the one, and only Riko Mine Lupin the 4th (God I still feel awkward for saying that). Kinji was apparently fooled into going to a hotel room because a person disguising as Aria asked him to. So Kinji is now in this situation where he can’t do anything while Riko is on top of him. He can’t use his gun to stop her, and he can’t simply push her away, because seriously what kind of retard would refuse to have hot sex with a big boob blonde chick? James Bond would certainly not. The same with Kinji.

Kinji tries to kink up the situation by bringing up his own brother…. okay that’s awkward

And now I feel like I’m staying too long for a scene that didn’t even last that much in the episode. So long story short, an almost hentai scene was cut short when Aria suddenly came barging in to stop them.

And through some circumstances, Riko successfully escapes to the rooftop, Aria and Kinji caught up to her, and a duel was about to unfold until Kinji decides to intervene. Talk about serious cockblocks here, a sex scene and an action scene both cut short in the last minute.

And this is the part where I started to scratch my skin profusely. For those who don’t know, I tend to do that often when I find stuff I watch too irritating, or simply so stupid that I can’t contain my irritation anymore. Okay, so she was admitted back into school, after proven multiple counts of murder, involvement in a high-profile underground crime organization, and hijacking a goddamn plane? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? And oh yeah, I forgot to mention she’s also under protection of the Butei charter because she’s a student, so even after DESTROYING ALMOST HALF THE CITY WITH GODDAMN WALKERS WITH GUNS ATTACHED, Aria can’t lay a finger on her.

Just as planned.

Anyway, shortly after we learned about Riko’s real agenda behind going back to school — to fight this fellow EU member named Vlad. This Vlad was reponsible for kicking Riko out of the EU, and Riko stated that Vlad took something from Riko, which was a certain gift given by her deceased mother. Also, as with any member of the EU, Aria also wants to fight this “Vlad” person. So Riko and Aria decided to a temporary truce to catch this criminal and take Riko’s object back.

Then the rest of the episode is standard ecchi high school harem romantic comedy BS crap.

Sir, this is not what you think it is.

Just a kiss?

Oh snap.

And I almost forgot, Shirayuki, for some convenient reason, has to leave the school for a while to go back to her shrine. So Kinji can have all the Aria to himself now. And also Riko. And Reki. And who knows, maybe Jeanne D’Arc might go back to the show *wink wink*?

I always knew people who are into celibacy are the horniest motherfuckers known to man.

Anyway, as this episode nears it’s closing, we see this scene where Aria and Kinji goes to this place where they would suppose to meet up with Riko.

They’re being careful. Way too careful.

Freeze motherfu–


And this concludes the ninth episode of Hidan no Aria.

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