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I finally caught up with the latest episode of Hidan no Aria, my most favorite show of the season. You know, I feel so lucky for this show to exist in my weekly anime dose. I always get excited when I write posts about this show, and I don’t even know why. Even though there have been a couple of good shows this season, nothing really makes me go crazy as much as this show does. Even though I talk smack about this show every episode, this show never fails to illicit a couple of laughs from me, or sometimes it lets me go on a state of deep critical thinking. And that’s why this is the only show I write about every episode. Well, almost, since reviews for episode 1 and episode 2 don’t exist. But you get the drift. Anyway, here’s my review for episode 10 for Hidan no Aria.

Before I start, I noticed that this particular episode had some details in it that might have some connection to the opening sequence of the show. That’s right, I’m talking about the actual opening sequence with that nice, upbeat song by my favorite artist May Nakabayashi.

This scene from the sequence might give us hints that there must be some holistic meanings behind the show.

Also from this scene, we could see the silhouette of a man with a detective hat and pipe beside Aria.

With that, I have to make a rough segue from the opening sequence, but don’t worry, I’ll reveal my analysis on this at the end of the post. Anyway, the episodes starts where the last one left off –Kinji and Aria sitting with Riko in a maid cafe somewhere in an undisclosed location (I’m thinking Akiba, but who cares). They were discussing their plans on taking back Riko’s object from this Vlad person.

Vlad’s mansion is a holiday resort. I hope it’s a private one.

And shortly after, we were revealed on the true identity of the object Riko’s looking for.

A rosary.

You see, this object Riko’s looking for is this rosary her deceased mother gave her when she was a child. Now, if you’re thinking that this rosary could have some connection with the opening sequence, we must be at the same page. I’ll discuss this too to my interpretation at the end of the review.

Riko must be the most bipolar character I’ve ever seen in anime… Wait, I think not.

So to be able to infiltrate Vlad’s resort, Riko, Aria and Kinji must disguise themselves as maids and butler. As part of their cover, Aria has to train herself to say maid lines more smoothly, because we all know tsunderes can’t say the word “Goshujin-sama” properly like how can they say “Urusai” all the time.

That training was too much for her.

Later in the episode, Kinji was invited by Riko to a “secret” meeting later in the infirmary (I don’t like where this is going), but as Kinji was walking down the hallway, he was suddenly called by a certain someone that he most certainly wouldn’t expect.

Wazzup White Saber in da haus

…Uh-huh (pause 5 seconds) WHAT!? Now even Durandal the Murderer (or Jeanne D’Arc the 30th whatever shit), accounted for multiple counts of murdering female students, is allowed to study here in this school? What in the holy sweet baby blue FUCK is this school thinking? Why are they even allowing these top criminals to study with these top spies in the same fucking school? Does this school want those private sensitive spy data to be shared between spies and enemies? Is this school some sort of Spy-Villain Co-Prosperity Sphere or some shit?

Anyway, I don’t get this. So if the first Lupin teamed up with the third (and third’s twin, so I guess fourth?) Jeanne to defeat the first Vlad, then it should be quite impossible for the Jeanne bloodline to reach 30th, while the Lupin bloodline only reached 4th. Maybe the Jeanne D’Arcs were making baby Jeannes faster than Lupins do? Or maybe because since it was mentioned that there were twin Jeannes at that time, there must be multiple Jeannes per generation? Maybe if you do the math, for every Lupin born there were 7 to 8 Jeannes? Oh god, my brain hurts just trying to crack this down.

See, I have glasses now HERPY DERPY DERP

Anyway, going back to the situation, Jeanne tries to give Kinji some tips on defeating their future opponent Vlad, and according to Jeanne, it appears Vlad is not human, but in fact, a monster. I wonder, should Butei even try to fight a monster? Did they receive some sort of supernatural training in their school to fight these things? Should we leave this things to the Ghostbusters or X-men or something? Well, no, because Riko and Aria has some personal business with this creature, and it is up to Kinji to help them meet their goal.

So after the scene with Jeanne, Kinji went to the infirmary, but suddenly he saw several girls coming at the door, so he decides to hide in the locker. Man, what a genius! Instead of just standing there and tell the girls he got lost or something, he has to make things even more complicated and hide in the damn locker. Of course another guy was also inside. And the girls started to take off their clothes, with them were also Riko and Aria. I somehow knew Riko wouldn’t have chosen this place in the beginning if it wasn’t for something else. And I was right. Riko apparently wants to train Kinji to control his Hysteria (boner) mode by setting him up in the infirmary while a check-up was undergoing with the girl students.

No shit.

So male teachers are allowed to see naked girls, but students can’t?

On a side note, I noticed there has been a lot of the professor appearing lately. Hmm…

Now I’ve lost it. I know I can drill.

I don’t know which is worse: awkward boner with your friend in the locker, or getting caught peeping in a locker while having an awkward boner with your friend.

So thanks to Reki, Kinji was discovered peeping from the locker. Of course at this point, anyone would expect a generic harem “girls scream then beat up the main guy to a pulp wenk wenk wenk comedy haha Love Hina style” to happen after, but as life tells us, something happens when you least expect it. And Hidan no Aria is no different.


Wow. Just wow. After looking at that, I needed to pause the show for a while. I looked at the paused screen, then looked up to the ceiling. Stared at the ceiling. Then looked back at the screen. Clap slowly. I can now see the real brilliance behind Hidan no Aria. I realized the real reason why I love this show. It’s not the crazy action, or the tsunderes, or anything. It’s the ability of this show to cram so much it’s almost impossible to pull some sense out of it. But for some reason Hidan no Aria makes it somewhat possible. It all makes sense now. It’s a wolf. A wolf, everyone. A MOTHERFUCKING WOLF.

And the wolf quickly runs away.

So after the wolf escaped, Kinji decides to go after it. Reki, who first noticed the wolf, goes along with Kinji with his friend’s bike to go after the fleeing canine.

Dude with a naked chick behind with a huge gun chasing after a wolf if a motorcycle. That, my friends, is Hidan no Aria.

You fell for my trap, human.

Now that’s classy fanservice. Rarely happens in the show.

And somehow it ends up with Reki befriending the wolf.

So as the episode ends, my only question which leaves me confused, among others, is how did the show went from a spy movie, to a ecchi harem show, to a supernatural action flick, all in one episode. It’s so baffling I can’t even answer. But there’s something I can answer, and that is the symbolic meaning behind this episode. Since this post has gone way too long for it, my lengthy interpretation can be found here instead. Be warned, possible spoilers included.

Last scene from the ending credits, where Aria ends up lying in a vaultbox. The same bulletproof vaultbox from episode one. Deep, deep shit right there.

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