Ano Hana Episode 9… as told in Screenshots!   Leave a comment

Greetings! I’m now back again with blogging, after a long 2 week hiatus. I figured I should get back to writing stuff again since this current season is nearing its end. I should be starting on my season-end report too, but before that I should write first on the shows I follow. Unfortunately, my long vacation has also took a toll on my writing skills (assuming I have those), so to warm up my blog-fu, I’ll be doing first the ninth episode of AnoHana.

However this time I won’t be writing anything, rather I would narrate the entire episode –through the power of screenshots! So while I desperately try to rush my way in to the current episodes, here are my thoughts on the ninth episode of DAT FLOWER, titled “MENMA TO MINNA” or “Menma and Everything that rhymes with it” You don’t have to worry about the lack of storytelling in this post, since this episode was fairly straightforward. The pictures can tell the whole story by themselves. As well as my captions. Anyway here’s the rest of the episode… as told in screenshots!

Holy shit the pan is floating! (DUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUN FWHAANG)

The fact that it took them nine freakin’ episodes to figure that out makes me want to kill this show

Just asking.

Yeah she’s kinda hot I suppose


I’m a ghost and I’m about to fall and hurt myself!!

Watch out Menma you’re going to hurt your ethereal body!!

Nevertheless, this guy’s reaction is priceless

Is wearing shirts with derogatory marks on them a thing now for girls?

Unnecessary plot twist #1: Want to ruin your friendship? Worry not, just leave it to Yukiassdouche!

Someone won’t be happy about it

Unnecessary plot twist #2: Who would’ve known? He likes Menma too! (facepalm)


Unnecessary plot twist #3: Actually it’s sort of important to the plot

And that concludes my AnoHana episode 9 review.

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