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And now I’m back again for more AnoHana! Following the story of the last episode, the tenth episode of AnoHana gives us pretty much the climactic part of the show. As the show slowly starts to wrap things out, and with only one episode remaining, I find it interesting that the show still tries to introduce new things to the plot, courtesy of none other than our main characters and their rather inane ability to inflict more problems upon themselves. Not only Jintan doesn’t want to let Menma go even though letting go is the only way to free her soul, but also our best man Yukiassdouche tries to put more fuel in the fire by hitting on Naruko (Anaru), causing our bridesmaid Tsuruko to go on a hissy fit. Also don’t forget, big ol’ Poppo has issues too. Anyway, to go into much more detail, read the rest of the post.

Shortly after the start of the episode, we were introduced to this scene between Tsuruko and her classmates –including the one that has a crush on Yukiatsu. As the two classmates were talking with her, Tsuruko suddenly, without any hesitation, revealed several things about Yukiatsu, including that one thing he dares not to tell anyone about.

Yep, that.

No doubt she’s still angry with Yukiatsu, after what she saw in the last episode. But apparently Yukiatsu happens to be also near, causes him to overhear the conversation, and proceeds to grab Tsuruko as she quickly walks away from him.

And suddenly this song quickly came to mind

And boy, was there a lot of crying in this episode. After this was a scene of Jintan, Poppo and Menma making decorations for her “farewell party”. Nothing too important to see, except Poppo …can talk to Menma? Whatever. After that, we were given this scene of Menma’s mom, Irene, gritting over how Jinta et al. was making a living ass out of her.

She’s pretty pissed. You don’t want to get Russians pissed.

Little did she know she might be also the reason why Menma’s soul was never able to be freed from this world. But later she also realized her real problem –it was herself all along that still tries to live in the past, unable to move on after losing her daughter.

And this song quickly came to mind, again

After that scene, we go back to Yukiatsu and his brand spanking new girlfriend Naruko, eating together at a fast food restaurant. But I noticed something. Their date topic was rather depressing, or rather too much Jinta and Menma, unlike how a normal date conversation would go about. Maybe Yukiatsu never wanted Anaru in the first place. He was only using her to get over his obsession on Menma. Naruko is also the same; she’s using Yukiatsu to get over her feelings for Jintan. Not too long after, Yukiatsu receives a call from none other than Tsuruko.

Thank God there’s at least one person in this show that is not stupid.

Indeed. We should all be thankful that Tsuruko exists in this show. Because she is the voice of reason that goes against every stupidity that happens in this show. Not that I’m saying she’s perfect. She has issues too, particularly with her inability to change Yukiatsu with her feelings, even with her striking coolness and her modest megané appeal. Unlike the rest of these immature hipsters, she’s the most reserved of the group. But sometimes even she can’t stop things from going awry, especially now that she doesn’t have control over her partner anymore. While they’re celebrating Menma’s farewell party at the secret base…

Shit starts to hit the fan.

Naruko followed suit with her “re-enactment” of that ill-fated day.

Uhh… and apparently Poppo was also demon-possessed that day.

And after a series of events, Jintan was forced into a corner to finally say his feelings for Menma. He doesn’t want to run this time, knowing that this is the only way to vindicate himself from the day he indirectly caused Menma’s tragic accident. Also, we all know he likes Menma more than anyone else in the group. Finally he confesses.

While watching the scene, this song again came to mind, surprisingly.

After the party the group went their separate ways, with Anaru and Tsuruko, Menma and Jinta, and Yukiatsu going back home. In the scene between Anaru and Tsuruko, Anaru as expected, was crying.

Sweet Jesus, do I need to post that song again?

So far we have been seeing a lot of crying in this episode. Seven times, to be precise. Anyway, Anaru was crying like a leaky faucet because she believes Jinta will never realize her feelings since he loves Menma more. Don’t forget the fact that she can’t even see Menma, which just adds insult to injury. Tsuruko on the other hand, tries to hold back her tears as she acknowledges her fate for having feelings for Yukiatsu. It was a sad, sad night for the two.

On the Jinta/Menma front, Jinta now realizes he doesn’t want Menma to go away. He quietly contemplates on the event tomorrow that would hopefully fulfill Menma’s wish, and make her disappear forever.

Meanwhile, at Yukiatsu’s house…

Okay… Nevermind…

And so the fateful day has come. The day they would hopefully free Menma’s soul. Also at the event was Menma’s little brother, who doesn’t even remember her face but still recognizes his sister’s scent. On a sidenote, I really like this scene in the episode. The sad piano tune playing reminds me of a somewhat similar tune from Clannad (the title was “Existence” to be exact, here’s the link (WARNING: it sounds really, really sad). The cloudy sunset skies, meanwhile, was a nice touch on the background depicting the supposedly heart-wrenching scene.

Everyone else was ready for this event, everyone but Jinta. He couldn’t let Menma go after he just blurted out his real feelings for her. But as soon as he decides to stop the fireworks, it was too late. The charge was already set off. But…

So this is the kind of fireworks you get for 200,000 Yen? Looks pretty weak sauce

As the fireworks launched in the sky, Jinta suddenly hears a voice praising the colorful explosions like “flowers blooming in the skies”. And it just turns out that…


Menma’s wish never got fulfilled. Everyone was left confused, Yukiatsu was pissed as hell, but Jintan was a bit relieved. Maybe the fireworks was so lame, God/Jinta’s mom just couldn’t accept that, therefore denying Menma’s ascension. Or maybe Menma’s wish was something absurd like those fireworks would need to spell “Nokemon” while blasting away in the sky. Or maybe, just maybe, her wish was something else…

I’ll definitely tune in on the last episode next week to find out Menma’s real wish.

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