Hidan no Aria Episode 7 & 8: HUWAIITOO SEIIIBAA!!!   Leave a comment

Hidan no Aria’s latest two episodes have delved right into the core of the second arc, which involves one of the characters, Shirayuki, and the main villain, Durandal. It had a rough start, which traces back to episode six, and I felt certain plot points were given too much attention, which bogged down the whole storyline. But fortunately, the pacing of the story didn’t slowed down, and the action scenes kept the overall momentum of the show. But of course it wouldn’t be without its deep commentary to history and the different mishmash of concepts that were inserted to this show, which resulted into the high-school-moé-harem-comedy-drama-action-superpower-historical-detective-cop show that is Hidan no Aria.

Episode 7 gave us a conflict between Aria and Kinji. Aria wants to believe that Durandal indeed does exist, even though she has no proof of it. Durandal hasn’t appeared yet on the series, and there were no signs of him so far, which creates Kinji’s skepticism to Aria. So up until now this Durandal may only be a rumor, or maybe an urban legend. Maybe he’s like Santa, or maybe Slash.

Later in the episode Kinji was revealed of Shirayuki’s burden of being a Hotogi: she can’t go elsewhere aside from the school and the shrine. Grocery, maybe, but not somewhere too extravagant like a department store. This triggered certain events which lead us into this intimate scene between Kinji and Shirayuki.

Of course, not too long after that, we now witnessed the first strike of Durandal. Shirayuki was lured by the assassin into a secret warehouse, followed by Kinji who just lost track of her, but coincidentally, Kinji was being secretly followed by Aria. Indeed, Hidan no Aria encompasses the essence of the cop drama, where one follows another, but also another one follows that one that followed the other. The next events then follows to episode 8.

Durandal grabs Shirayuki as she (we now know that Durandal is a not a he, but a she, based from the eyecatch, which is the first image of this post) escapes from Kinji and Aria, and triggers an inflow of huge currents of water into the building. Of course I don’t know if this warehouse is underwater, or is placed on the port beside the sea, but man, that is A LOT of water. Kinji and Aria then proceeeded to pursue Durandal. They later found Shirayuki chained in a pole, and they decided to split ways so one can follow Durandal while the other tries to untie Shirayuki before the gush of water catches up.

Unable to unlock the chains Shirayuki was tied to, Kinji has to resort to his last option — to go into Hysteria mode (or boner mode as I call it) to increase his lockpicking skills. By the way, congratulations if you were able to see this as a euphemism for sex.

Kinji was successful in untying Shirayuki, but they were separated by the strong currents of water. As Kinji reached the upper balcony where Durandal supposedly ran to, he notices Shirayuki sitting on the floor, coughing. Aria was also in the room, so they approached the shrine priestess sitting in the corner. However, while Aria was tending to the girl, our boner master Kinji was keen enough to notice something from this Shirayuki…

This Shirayuki happens to be a fake one –she is in fact, Durandal. Going from incognito, she reveals her true identity and her motives against Shirayuki, as well as Aria.

Now I have to question, what the hell is the creator of the novel trying to do with this? Lupin the FOURTH? Holmes the THIRD? Jeanne D’arc the THIRTIETH!? Cor, Bligh me! What’s next, King Arthu– (OH WAIT A MINUTE). Also, Lupin with psychic twintails and Jeanne with ice powers and a breath only seen in mint toothpaste commercials? Goddamit, this show is pushing my intelligence too far. And that’s why I love it.

And she even has the same voice actress as Saber.

Anyway, Aria, Kinji and Shirayuki now fights Jeanne, which of course ended easily because of the number disadvantage, because the plot tells it to do so, and because apparently Shirayuki borrowed her powers from Shana. The case of Shirayuki and Durandal, as well as this whole arc draws to a close.

Stray bullets: not a problem in Japan.

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