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Sorry it took me a long time to make a new post, but to be honest, there isn’t too much to blog about the current anime season. Not that it’s boring and all, but nothing sticks out too much to me (I remember way back in 2007 when every show was hot topic on /a/), and to show what I mean, I would be doing an episode summary on Hanasaku Iroha, a slice of life show. I repeat, a slice of life show. And to think that this show is the current hip new thing this season, along with AnoHana AND Nichijou. Wow, since when did the spring season become this anticlimactic, in the moe department at least? Is it because people are still hard-on for Madoka Magica, including myself? Is it because a superhero show like Tiger and Bunny is the closest thing we have to action now, and not a Sunrise-produced mecha show? Is it because of ponies? Well, I don’t know at the moment. But I do know right now it’s about the Ohana. And her Ohananess. So read more to find out.

Note: Try squinting your eyes while reading the word “Ohana”. Can you see it? Can you not unsee it?

Anyway. The episode left right after the events of episode 8, where Ohana decides to bring back Tohru, the cook. Because they were short of employees to serve all the customers, including the special ones. And Renji, the head cook, wasn’t being helpful at all. So Barack– I mean Ohana decides to run off to the city to look for Tohru, who’s attending a friend’s marriage at the moment.

And our next number is from the world-fam–SPLACK!

And while still looking for Tohru, her right slipper suddenly broke off, tripping her off-balance with it, and sends her off to a table of random guests. Talk about bad luck.

Man on the left: “OH SHII–“, Man on the right: “Flying loli? I don’t remember ordering those.”

Unable to find Tohru after searching multiple rooms, asking a bunch of people, and doing a lot of frogsplashes, Ohana now starts to feel hopeless. Suddenly, she receives a call from her childhood friend, Ko. He wants to see Ohana again, so he decides to embark on a journey to find her in her new place. Of course, GPS and Google Maps were just too low-tech for him, so he went with his own method — trying to guess where she lives. And before he knew it, he was calling Ohana for directions.

Sorry, too busy gate-crashing.

No Shit.

Did she just told the whole story to him? Wow, talk about wasting time…

Okay, let’s stop with the random for now, because I want to rant about this episode, especially this scene with Ko and Ohana. Here are two of my problems with the current episode, and the show overall.

First, I do not buy this whole “believe in yourself… things will work out somehow” situation. I know this is just a common trope on TV already done to death many times, but I personally do not condone the idea of people deceiving themselves with realities of their own, different from the reality which is in front of them, and expecting things would work out for the better. I may be treading on thin ice here already with this argument, but real life doesn’t work that way. When people fail, they fail miserably. People who turns failure into success don’t just do it with just confidence. They’re being smart about it. Of course I’m not totally against this “forced belief” thing. Depending on the context of the situation, believing in yourself may be a good thing. In entertainment, this would certainly work for, say, an adventure or a mecha show, but on a reality drama loosely based on reality? Hell no. This was done clearly for sake of plot, for the show to remain cheerful and happy, and provides little to no development to the character.

Says the guy who SUDDENLY RAN way back in the first episode

Second, I felt Ko and Ohana’s relationship in general was forced. I see Ko as this character who was a part of Ohana’s past, along with Ohana’s mom, and his comeback in the series just feels unnecessary. I didn’t care about him way back in episode one, and that scene (I’m referring to episode one’s) between him and Ohana just fueled my rage. I mean, confessing to your best friend is already a bad thing, and it just made worse when he assumed they were lovers just because they hang out together (I cannot totally vouch for this since the show is not yet done, thus opening a possibility of a flashback of how their relationship developed in the past). To top all that, he even went all up in rage when he said Ohana doesn’t realize his feelings, AND even ran away like he was rejected, when Ohana didn’t even say a thing. He’s like a mashup of all bad things in anime, beating Ohana’s mom by a long shot. After he left, I thought he was gone for good, but suddenly Ohana remembers him for some reason (I think that was the last scene in episode 5). “Ooh”, I just slapped my palm hard into my face when that happened. And the way the show continues to develop their feelings for one another feels total BS to me. Ohana was suddenly encouraged by that lame advice? Seriously PA Works, you expect me to believe that crap? This development could’ve been done better (i.e introduce him much later, when I don’t feel as pissed off as before), or a non-romantic resolution of some sort, or just totally erase him from the series.

Or just give me an awkward scene, like a 5-second crotch shot.

Ohana starts to look again for Tohru after talking with Ko for, like, god how long. Finally, she finds Tohru (or rather Tohru found her by accident), and asks him to return to Kissuiso.

Minko would be pissed if she finds out about this.

“Tohru-san…Help… He was kidnapped by terrorists… was sent to a gay prison camp, and is now being subjected to a thousand ass fucks… I tried to save him, but those slingshots made out of banana hammocks were too much for me.”

Ko?! How was gay prison camp?

Ohana, now relieved to find Tohru “because of Ko”, quote-unquote in case you didn’t read the quotes, calls Ko to thank him. Ko, on the other hand, now lost in the middle of nowhere, is now even more confused because of Ohana’s 10-20. He’s now guessing between: (a) Kissuiso, where he heard over the phone Ohana was staying at, (b) the city, where Ohana is at right now and (c) back home where his cat needs a new change of litterbox.

Of course, being the genius prophet he is (remember he also guessed Ohana’s feelings for him), he decides to choose option C.

And in true Japanese drama srice of rife fashion, this dramatic scene of Ko and Ohana’s reunion was shown, accompanied by the rocking Japanese music and the nice sunset background.


Back at Kissuiso, Tohru was given the 411, and now readies himself to help Renji, who then recovers his composure again upon seeing Tohru back in the kitchen.


Game time.

While everything is back again running smoothly, a certain eavesdropping Ohana finds Minko and Tohru in an unlikely romantic scene.

I can’t imagine anyone putting the effort to pose like this when they get surprised.

And while some are too busy eavesdropping, other are certainly busy too, doing extra work just to ensure quality service is given to customers.

Congratulations if you noticed the nose.

And the long ass day is finally over. The next day, the KISS crew bade farewell to the dear customers, among with them was the surprise special hidden customer, who was well pleased with the service of the hotel.

Along with her mom with a satisfied “okay” face.

And finally the episode ended with the crew welcoming the Manager, who came back from the hospital. Happy end for everyone, right?


And based from the preview for the next episode, it looks like Ko-chan will infuriate me even more.

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