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Hey, how about I blog on another Spring show called Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai, or simply called DAT FLOWER. I’m not going to blog this show every episode though, since drama isn’t worth blogging smack. Except for this episode, which I found some things interesting, and therefore worth a blog post. So for those who wants a full per-episode review of the show, this is not the blog to look out for. If you’re like me and just wants to think of random crap while watching anime, this post is just for you.

Animu in my animu? Damn, Xzibit would be pleased by this.

To give you a rundown on what happened so far on Ano Hana, Jinta (a.k.a the hikikomori) is still being a retard for not telling everyone that Menma (a.k.a the ghost loli) has the ability to TOUCH NORMAL STUFF PEOPLE CAN SEE, even if she’s only a spirit. Of course, Jinta’s friends, Poppo (a.k.a the slacker) and Naruko (a.k.a the tsundere) still thinks Jinta’s talking bananas, and they even went so far as to try to reunite their old gang, along with Tsuruko (a.k.a cool girl) and Yukiatsu (a.k.a the dude who’s so obsessed with Menma he’d even get into dresses and wigs just to embody the experience of being a little girl) in an attempt to communicate with Menma and probably free her spirit.

You’re too stupid. I hate you. Yet you’re so moe.

Anyway, the latest episode involves Naruko getting herself into a pinch. Apparently one of the PTA members caught her going to a love hotel with another guy. Take note, one of the PTA members. Now, I don’t have much knowledge on the duties of being a PTA member, but if one of them involves spreading rumors around the school about a certain student, and probably ruin her life in the process, then I’d say that PTA member’s doing her fucking job just right. Thank you certain PTA member, for thinking less about the welfare of the students and more about being a total douchebag. That’s why people like music teachers and certain legendary mangakas hate your ass.

Only a slut? Wait until you hear what her childhood friends call her

Now being a victim of controversy and constant prattling from classmates, Naruko couldn’t help herself but stay quiet in her seat and write passive-agressive notes about it. Jinta, who notices her notes, including a certain “Help me”, couldn’t control himself anymore, and finally decides to stand up for her, and literally stand up while being in class, just to defend his once comrade.

“Listen people, she’s way too easy for anyone to have sex with alright?”

The whole class, including the teacher, was now shocked by the sudden words coming out of this guy. Of course, nobody knows him. He’s never been to school, like since forever. Jinta, now enraged, continues to act badass for his friend-in-need, while he utters the most embarrassing things this class has ever heard.

Mind blown.

Naruko, now embarrased as hell to even face her classmates, grabs Jinta and ditches the class. She now feels relieved from what just happened, for some reason, and leaves school for the rest of the day with Jinta. Later in the episode, they met up with Poppo to talk about Menma. They then decided to go to Menma’s house, where her mother lives, to gather more clues on how to free Menma’s soul.

Oh my, we haven’t got any visitors here in a while, aside from the plumber and maybe the pest control guy (insert obligatory BOW CHIKA WOW WOW)

The three, now inside Menma’s house, offers prayers in Menma’s altar, while her mom looks at them from behind. Jinta suddenly feels weird.

Son, I am disappoint.


Totally awkward moment. I LOL’d.

After visiting Menma’s crib, the gang finally was able to get something helpful from Menma’s past, specifically her diary. Now at home, Jinta tells Menma about their latest expedition. Menma, who thinks otherwise, began stealing Jinta’s food (of course she grabs them), and tells him it just made her mom remember more about her loss.

Drama ensue.

Then the last few minutes of the episodes gives us something to look for the next episode. Naruko now stays at Poppo’s for the meantime to avoid her parents, and now Jinta, Naruko and Poppo have the very thing they need to emancipate Menma’s soul. Of course, Jinta still fails for not telling the two Menma CAN TOUCH STUFF NORMAL PEOPLE CAN SEE, and end credits roll.

I really liked how this episode turned out. It gives me more things to both enjoy, and expect in the future episodes. Of course this show is still nowhere near Steins;Gate or Nichijou, but it’s indeed turning out to be one of my favorite this season. How will this show unfold will depend entirely on execution, because a good drama will always be defined by a perfect ending, and also all the good things that makes a show good as well. DAT FLOWER is definitely up there in many aspects. It just needs to deliver more, in some cases, like how this episode did. Because I like my shows good, and entertaining at the same time.

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