Hidan no Aria Episode 6: Like blogging an episode of Shuffle! for F’s sake   Leave a comment

It’s time again for another episode of Hidan no Aria. Well, This episode wasn’t very interesting. I don’t know why I’m even blogging this, as this one was as boring, if not, even on par with the “cat” one. I couldn’t express enough disappointment for this episode. Heck, the picture above was even more interesting to look at than the whole thing. I don’t have much to say this time, so this blogpost will be fairly short. But I hope people would still find time to read this, as I will still try my damnest to give my thoughts on the episode.

To start, the first half of the episode can be easily summarized by this image.

Animated for you guys trying to learn the butei exercise

I won’t even discuss about what happened. It picked up right from the last scene in the previous episode. Yes, that scene. To be honest, I was grumbling loudly while watching the first part. I want my loli gun action and stupid plot back, not this crap.

Watch the show and listen to her reaction, that was mine

But fortunately, the second part did gave us a slight hint on the future things that would be in-store for our heroes. As told in the episode, Shirayuki and her clan (called the Choutei) are apparently being targeted, so Kinji and Aria decided to become her bodyguards. Shirayuki then decides to moves in with Kinji to his apartment. More BS Harem comedy ensue. While Kinji and Aria were conversing, the name of the criminal was once again mentioned. Guess what’s his name is…


Now our heroine vows herself to capture this criminal

Yeah riiiight. An entire world organization couldn’t even touch this mofo even with his eyes closed

Angry much?

Well I do commend your efforts young lady, but first you have to go through my army of fodder and beamspam.

And that’s it. This is the only thing you need to know in the episode. I hope the next episode won’t be as crappy as this one. Or make it at least as watchable as Gundam Seed Destiny, if that’s even considered a challenge.

More of this and less of the Love Hina crap, if you may.

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