Hidan no Aria Episode 5: Fuzakeruna, Fansubs   Leave a comment

Now we’re back again for another installment of Hidan no Aria. This time not only the episode was chock-full of suspense and action, but also I was lucky enough to witness this epic episode in trollsubs, courtesy of GG fansubs, which made the show just unbearable to watch. But that’s the reason I am watching this show anyway. To inflict pain and suffering to my wretched soul. So anyway, here’s the rest of the episode. Enjoy.

The episode starts off with a recap of Riko (maybe I should start calling her Lupin) shooting Aria in the chest, after surprising her with a sudden knife attack. I assume you gentlemen already knew how she did it. Anyway, Kinji now carries an unconscious Aria with him as he escapes from Riko. Now hiding in this empty bedroom, Kinji tries to revive Aria with a shot of Epinephrine (otherwise known as Adrenaline). Now, I understand that for all intents and purposes, the show has to censor that part, because anything related to people getting pieced/cut/surgically operated simply cannot be shown on national TV.

I just made that reason up.

So Aria finally revives, but much to her surprise, her bra has been exposed in front of Kinji. Of course being the tsundere that she is, not to mention also being under the side effects of adrenaline, she pushes Kinji as she starts to react frantically (or act like a real tsundere as anime calls it) to the situation. Seconds later, she realizes that Riko is still on the loose. She starts to take her guns, but Kinji knew they had no chance of taking Riko upfront. I would agree, since guns won’t work against a CRAZY HAIR-WIELDING FREAK, that’s why. So they need a plan. But first Kinji has to calm Aria down.

In-between frames are usually where the QUALITY happens.

Of course, because the only way to calm an adrenaline rush is by ADDING MORE ADRENALINE RUSH! Way to go, Einstein!

And this is the part where I started raging. GG SUUUUUUUUBS!!!

As they continue to talk, Riko was already waiting at the other side of the door. What we are now witnessing is an enraged Riko with her two guns and crazy hair powers.

And more rage-inducing subs.

But what Riko didn’t realize is that Kinji and Aria already knew she was coming.

Touché. Now she can’t use her guns.

But she uses it anyway.

Based from the face he’s making, he’s about to do something very stupid. Aaaannnd….

OH SNAP!!! HOW DID HE D– nah… I liked it better when Black Lagoon did it.

Of course, don’t forget about Aria. She cuts the source of Riko’s powers…

…Or not. And now Riko’s gone mad! IT’S OVER 9000 PWNPNWPNWNWNPWN!!!

But Riko, having knew she has no chance against two people in her state, decides to run away. Of course, for some reason, the plane altitude starts to decrease. This plane is now a goner, as it falls victim to the hands of the butei killer. Anyway, Kinji starts to look out for Lupin (there, I used it) while Aria takes the cockpit to try to stabilize the aircraft.

Riko is already planning her escape… in a completely retarded fashion. How about using the door?

Lesson #1 in action movies: if it doesn’t work…

…Shoot it.

To the enjoyment. Of the subs I mean.

And oh yeah, Riko didn’t have her parachute, so she has to use her school uniform. No comment, because my logical reasoning just turned off at this point.

Obligatory explosions just because.

And Kinji, who just witnessed a naked chick parachuting off the skies, decides to help Aria in the cockpit to help land the unstable airplane. Anyway about that hole from Riko’s escape, forget it. You don’t have to worry about aircraft decompression and all that jazz, because in Hidan no Aria, such things don’t exist.

How nostalgic, reminds me of good ol’ Chinese bootlegs.

Holy crap what CAN’T these kids do?

And finally the military has to appear when everything had just happened. Also rage’d@subs.

And of course, as revealed by their fellow butei friends who happened to be in contact with them, the SDF intends to destroy (WHAT???) the falling plane, you know, to avoid any major terrestrial damage and stuff like that from the crash. So Kinji and Aria tried their damnest to land the plane to a safe place, which just so happens that…

There’s a vacant land conveniently located in the middle of the city!

So the two crash landed the plane safely, with the help of their friends, and now all is well and back to normal. The episode’s ending was very anti-climatic for me, but anyway here’s the rest of the episode.

Aria and Kinji trying to resolve their differences as they bade farewell…. I think.

Kinji realized Aria’s true personality. From the small animal.

Then he decides to be Aria’s partner.

This particular shoop was inspired by the late Osamu Dezaki, who gave us such greats as the Golgo 13 movies and the Black Jack OVAs.

I really wish it really did end up like this, but nooooooooo… Goddammit why does every anime have to end up with a very shitty harem bullshit situation… It’s not funny.

So the last few minutes of the episode were boring as hell, but I had much fun for most of the time. But I’m not expecting anything great like these two episodes had delivered, just by looking at that preview. Anyway, that’s it. See you next episode.

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