Hidan no Aria Episode 4: Lupin is not amused…   1 comment

I think this is probably the best episode of Hidan no Aria yet, even better than the last episode, solely because of the brick-defecating amount of plot twists that happened within the episode. Of course, it not only involves our protagonists Aria and Kinji, but a certain character that you won’t even expect (I say this with conviction, and irony) to be something else.

Episode four starts off with our lead male character Kinji waking up from a bad dream, which caused him to sulk all morning, not to mention what happened to him and Aria last episode. But he accidentally finds Aria walking outside a shop, and decides to follow her. But Aria later notices him (because all butei are supposed to be trained for that kind of stuff), and she asks him to tag along with her to a very unusual place (or a usual place for a butei), the police station.

122 years less? Not bad…

We then finds out that Aria is going to visit her mom, who is currently jailed in prison for some reason. Aria reports to her about the butei-killer that is causing mayhem around, and promises to arrest the “yatsu” as soon as possible, which worries her mom a lot because of Aria’s current “state”. But sadly the conversation has to end that time, and final goodbyes had to be said. To be honest, I wasn’t paying much attention to this scene, up until the point, that point when her mom said something which I thought to be really, really absurd.

*gasps* The E.U you say!?

Let me repeat. *gasps* The E.U you say!? Now, now, I know for a fact that some Europeans are a bunch of evil conspirators who plan to take over the world, but until now there’s still no concrete proof of their existence, and it doesn’t sound fair to blame the whole union for it. To go off another tangent, what is up with the euro-trashtalkin’ this season? I know too of another show that depicts good ol’ Europeans as evil people. You gotta stop the hatin’ man.

Forced perspective and composition effects; I like this image

Going back to the show, we find later that Aria is returning to London all by herself, and suddenly Kinji receives a call from a familiar face, Riko. Of course the slut that she is, Riko forces herself into Kinji in exchange for some information on the butei-killer.

I’m about to enter my “hysteria” mode, if you know what I mean

As Riko continues to do her way unto Kinji, his hysteria mode finally awakens. Since I’m too bored to write right now, I’m going to tell how the rest happened, through this sequence…

after 15 minutes BOW CHICKA WOW WOW! (may not actually happen)

Boner mode is only effective for 30 minutes, next casting time is in 1 hour

Then Kinji continues on to catch up to Aria on her plane to London. He, for some reason, deducted that Aria was the target of the butei-killer during the last three attacks, and an airplane jack could happen next, so he ran to the airport to warn her. Of course he met up with Aria inside the plane, but it was too late. The plane already took off.

Freeze motherfucker

The butei-killer, as expected, hijacks the plane. Aria and Kinji, alarmed by the recent gun shot, were then challenged by the killer himself who appears to waiting at the drinking bar. So they rushed to the bar, only to their surprise that the blonde stewardess they met earlier was sitting at the chair instead. They point their guns at her, however it seems that the stewardess was not who they thought to be…


Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is indeed Riko! How did she end up in the plane? I do not know, but it’s one thing we are certain. She’s the butei-killer! She’s the one who’s behind all the jackings for the last three episodes, and the unforgettable tragedy of the butei massacre. She’s the one who also framed Kinji’s brother, she’s the reason Aria’s mother was arrested, she’s also behind 9/11 and the she’s the one who ate my cereal and pancakes this morning. It was her all along!


Not only we learned about her real identity, but we also learned about her rean name: Riko Mine Lupin the 4th. *ehem*. LUPIN THE 4TH WHAT THE FREAKING FUCK!? And we also learned then Aria’s full name: Kanzaki Holmes Aria. HOLMES?? WAIT A MINUTE... I see what you did there. Apparently, Aria and Riko were the descendants of the famous thief and detective from the 1900s. And they were destined to meet and fight, as their great-grandfathers did.

Aria the Scarlet Ammo, directed by John Woo

So the two crossed their weapons and started fighting. On a plane. With guns. And while these two were fighting, Kinji was just standing there doing nothing. Of course none of them were concerned about aircraft decompression or other plane-related things that may happen, because who cares about those shit anyway? All we care is that it’s on baby!

Remember that scene from Face-Off starring Cage and Travolta? Yeah me neither.

As they were starting to run out of bullets, Aria suddenly got the upper hand and locks Riko’s arms to prevent her from using her hands. But Riko was not stunned at all. She then began to say the line “You know Aria, we have many things in common; family background, cuteness and even the same name. I just happened to be called Quadra too. But you know, Aria, your Quadra is not the real thing!”.

The real power of a Quadra.

And boom. That’s it. It’s over. The world, as we know it, has ended. We can no longer return as normal humans like before. Because we have just witnessed the most STUPIDEST, CRAZIEST, AND MOST RETARDED OUT OF THIS WORLD thing in anime history ever. It was the hair that has the Quadra powers! Dammit! DAMMIT!!!! OH GOD, OH GOD!!! JESUS, SAVE MY SOUL!!! SAVE ME FROM THE STUPIDITY THAT IS ARIA THE SCARL–

And then the episode has ended. We have learned quite a lesson from this show. That is do not trust people with twin tails. Like Hatsune Miku, or that twin tail girl from D Gray Man or whatever. And always, I mean ALWAYS don’t forget to bring a condom.

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