Hidan no Aria Episode 3: Busjack!!!   Leave a comment

With all the spring shows running at the moment, one show has indeed started to catch my attention. Following the trainwreck of hilarity that was Index II, JC Staff’s new anime Hidan no Aria (Aria the Scarlet Ammo) is ramping up with its high-level action, its incredible sense of realism and physics, and a machine gun (pun intended) of tsundere lines, making it the best worst show this season because of its sheer crazyness and stupidity. In fact, so crazy, one episode can fill up a whole blog post. This show never fails to entertain me every week. Anyway, if you want to know why this show is awesome, read more and see for yourself.

The story continues with our homeboy Kinji, who just wanted to be alone after what happened in episode two (boring cat episode), but Aria keeps on convincing him to be her partner, and proceeds to follow him to a game center.


Of course the game center scene was only filler, a prelude to the next scene (they’re not related). Something bad is about to take place.

Broken watches slows down displayed time, not speed up

Later that afternoon, Kinji returned home, and noticed that the time on his watch was not right, so he did some adjusting. But apparently he was too stupid to realize what he has done. So that caused him to be late for that bus he often rides the following day. As he runs to school, he was suddenly called by Aria. The bus was hijacked! The Butei-killer strikes again, planting a bomb on the bus his fellow buteimates were in, like the bikejack (YES, THEY DO CALL IT BIKEJACK) in episode one. So Aria and Kinji heads off to the garage, and picks up a sedan in order to pursue the hijacked vehicle.

Hold it son, I’m drivin’

Meanwhile, the bus, as it goes off in the middle of town, was suddenly chased by an unmanned car with an uzi in it (apparently butei-killer loves putting uzi on stuff), and shoots off the students inside who’re trying to defuse the bomb. From this point on, it’s hard to put the amount of insanity that is taking place with words, so I have to tell the story by my usual screencapping method.

DUN DUN DUN!! The enemy car happens to be an expensive sports convertible car.

Butei charter 1st principle: The most absurd principle I’ve ever heard from a law enforcement institution.

Wh-what? I’m calling the designers on these bullet proof uniforms!

Considering the mirror’s current position, how the hell did Aria’s eyes got in there? Dammit JC Staff!

As the chase further escalates, more passengers are starting to get involved. I just hope those “bullet proof uniforms” really work.

Aria has found the bomb (though I’m bothered by the fact that HOLY SHIT HOW DID THOSE PIGTAILS MANAGED TO NOT TOUCH THE GROUND!?)

That’s why I watch fansubs.

And after a few minutes, the chase finally ends with the help of a fellow butei, but Aria ended up badly hurt by uzi bullets, because of Kinji’s inability to follow orders. Kinji continues to deny about his real talent, which infuriates Aria, and thus provides a conflict for our main characters to be followed in the next episode.

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