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While the current season is at full gear right now, it looks like one series is about to end. Moshidora (a.k.a that long-ass name I don’t want to repeat again) was unfortunately only set for 10 episodes, and was airing everyday on NHK during the time it ran. As of this writing the 9th episode is out on fansubs, so I had the chance to watch every episode and still get to the last one, which airs tomorrow. Since a small entry in the upcoming mid-season report won’t do justice, I decided to make a whole blog post about it. So to celebrate probably the best baseball drama since that Kevin Costner one (oh wait), I give to you my write-up on the recent Spring anime Moshidora.

I already gave the synopsis on Moshidora in my previous post, so if you don’t have any idea on the plot, you should read that one instead. Now, let me get you the run-down on the most important characters in the show (by the way, don’t believe me when I say most important).

Of course there’s the baseball team, including the girl manager herself (rightmost). I won’t focus on the manager and the other players because they’re not important. Anyway, if you can tell by their faces, the team seemed to have won a match. Also ,If you care to observe properly, there is a scoreboard behind them. By the way, its the bottom one.

This boy right here is the ACE player of the team. He is the reason their team is one of the best right now. His secret? Simple, it’s “screw up so bad, it makes the team fall to their knees and cry”. His career-high screw-up average is around 10.0 per game.

This was the former manager, before the main girl took over because she had to be hospitalized due to a very terrible disease. Of course, she is also a very important member of the team, being the team consultant and adviser. If you also look closely, you can see the BIG DEAD SIGN HANGING ON HER NECK.


This girl is the team scorekeeper and records player data during matches. She also has the WORST catch phrase in anime.

This woman is one of the friends of our “ACE player”. They use to do karaoke everyday, and this causes our ACE player to skip baseball practice. Maybe she was aiming to become Japan’s Karaoke Champion? Well, any dream can be within reach, you just have to keep rockin’ those vocals. But then the manager found out about their pastime/karaoke training, and after some talks, she decided to give up karaoke to something that’s WAY better than being Japanese Karaoke Champion.

Her new Goal in Life

And don’t forget the titular character of the show, the sole reason this whole anime exists. Without him, our team would still be rock bottom in the rankings, with the Nationals only within reach in their dreams. I can also say this character is probably my favorite in the show. What I’m talking about is…


Of course, the show is something that you would expect from a baseball drama. But I can say I like the show now unlike before. I have to correct myself on my previous statements about animation, because the show did pick up on the baseball action after 4 episodes. Also, the premise of “business meets baseball” is somewhat believable, and very interesting. But as I said before, this anime is very, very cliche in terms of sports drama. This show relies heavily on generic drama tropes. Also, the whole theme of the show was not about “winning the matches”, but “the team learning and improving”, which is a huge downer for those who expected heavy sports action. You’d be better off with something like One Outs.

Despite the shortcomings of the show, this one didn’t disappoint me at all. At least if you like to catch up on the last episode, there is still time until tomorrow. Also it’s a good time to watch this one while its hot, before the live-action movie comes out. If you want look at baseball from a different point of view, but at the same time you want things that pull your heartstrings, Moshidora is totally recommended for you. Maybe you will find your favorite Drucker quotes after watching. Or you can just use the internet.

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. Also Minami is mai waifu.” -Peter Drucker

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