April 30: Celebrating Walpurgisnacht, Madoka Style   Leave a comment

Heute ist Walpurgisnacht! Lasst uns feiern! (I hope I said that right)

Since today, April 30, is the yearly celebration of Walpurgisnacht, I want to commemorate this day the way any non-European or non-German otaku who probably didn’t heard about the holiday before but had just watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica would… Watch a lot of Madoka videos on Youtube! So let me share you some of my favorite clips from wonderful world of Madoka Fan-land! Just a note: THERE ARE NO ANIME MUSIC VIDEOS HERE!!. Only the BEST of the best are posted! So without further ado, let’s get those torches lightin’ and let’s start the party!

Madoka Crysis 2 Trailer

To start off the night, I present to you a fan-made trailer of Madoka Magica based on the recent game sequel Crysis 2. I do not much of Crysis 2, but that trailer was amazingly done. I love the editing, and I like the abundance of Mami and Homerun in the video! Kyuubey is truly evil in this video.

Madoka Inception Trailer

Next is another fan-made trailer based on the movie Inception. And the best about this video is, Mami is Leonardo DiCaprio! Also the witch world really works as the dream world! And I love that bombastic trailer music!

Madoka Equilibrium Trailer

And what would Madoka be without the awesome Mami Gun-kata? Mami again takes the lead of this trailer with her amazing gun-fu skills. I like the trailer, but the editing and scene changing is so-so. Who cares, since anything Mami-related is a fine too.

Madoka Star Trek: First Contact Trailer

Since I’m posting too much Mami, how about someone else for a change? Like… Homerun, AS CAPTAIN JEAN-LUC PICARD! Capt. Homerun and her crew will take you to the space adventure of your life! This trailer might be the best yet of Hollywood, and Madoka just made it more awesome!

Madoka The End of Evangelion Trailer

Now we go from the big-budget, spectacular Hollywood trailers, to the most frenetic and disturbing anime movie of all time, The End of Evangelion. This clip truly captures the original trailer’s style of crazy wall of Japanese and red and black images of people going insane. Truly a psychological masterpiece.

Madoka Gundam Zeta: A New Translation Trailer

For some reason, Madoka made it too to the chaotic world of space wars in the Universal Century. From the first scene of showing the awesome fight clip from episode 10, to Homerun having the voice of Char/Quattro, this trailer is truly MADE FOR the WIN.

Madoka The Movie Trailer

And finally to end our trailers section of the night, I present to you the best Madoka trailer ever produced. It is none other than Madoka Magica The Movie. The clips used in this trailer truly captures the soul of the show. I liked the way also the Kyuubey Business Theme, and the theme from episode 9 were used in the video. And the edits are pretty top-rate, I liked the way character names and staff names are written. I really wish Madoka would show in theaters just from watching this video.

Madoka Official Trailers 1-10

To make a good segway into our next presentation, I’m here to present to you the official trailers for Madoka Magica. In 1080P! You should definitely download these using your favorite Youtube HD ripping site, since Aniplex deleted these videos before, and posted them into the Madoka site in a lower format. I downloaded these because I was awed by the good kinetic animation.

Madoka in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex OP

Our next presentation is, right, opening and ending themes! These are not lame AMV quality, but topnotch, quality OP spinoffs. Anyway, Ghost in the Shell SAC was my one of my favorite OPs ever, so I decided to start with this one. I liked this because it follows the original’s way the horizontal credits, and the editing is good too.

Madoka+ OP

This next one is not particularly my favorite, but it’s definitely better than that Haruhi Suzumiya, or that Higurashi Kai fan-made Madoka OP. I’m a big fan of the song and the Blood+ anime too, and the video itself is quite amusing.

Madokakaka! (or Madododoka!, which ever you prefer) OP

The reason why I put this one was not because of the editing, but the clever use of shaky camera in the scenes. Compared to the previous video, this one has less scene per scene changes, but I’m a sucker for character names appearing, and I liked Durarara and Baccano, so why not post this one?

Majide Hadaka (Seriously Naked) OP and ED, compared with Madoka Magica’s

I didn’t post the ED for Madokakaka! (or Madododoka!, which ever you prefer), since it wasn’t that good. But in return, I give you something better. It is the most accurate, and perhaps the weirdest Madoka OP and ED spinoffs ever made. This video came from Japanese guys who convert anime OP themes to real-life versions (check out their other videos too), and use real actors to portray them. Weird huh? I call that brilliant!

Horny QB Madoka Magica OP

This one was made by a Japanese who probably thinks that Kyuubey is indeed more than just a magical girl contractor. Just watch the video and check out for yourself. Warning: There is bestiality involved.

Chaos;Magica OP

This is one of the better fan-made OP spinoffs out there. I think this one is based from the opening of the Chaos;Head game, not the anime. But this one is definitely quality material.

Madoka Magica OP Rock Version

This one’s different from the rest of the videos, but I liked it a lot. Almost everything these guys done are good rock renditions. Check out this one, and while you’re at it, subscribe to their channel and check their other videos too. They’re good. I wish I can get a band to do this kind of stuff.


And to bring this night to our last part, The Etcetera Madoka video section, I present to you this video from Nico Nico Douga. It’s not particularly spectacular or anything, but it’s weird and fun. By the way, I demand more Kyoko with fake Pocky!


I know I should’ve posted this in the OP section, but it not very much anime-related. Anyway my prayers for more Kyoko were answered, in sentai form! She now leads this team of magical girls, and their mission is to defeat evil in the world! I feel sad for poor Homerun, she doesn’t have her green suit.

Magiranger, again!

This video was based from that show Mitsudomoe, which has this TV show called the Gachirangers. Like the Magirangers, they are here to stop all the dark forces that lurk around to enslave humanity! Go Magirangers! Kill that Kyuubey! And prepare for the final attack! Finally Homerun has her black suit right.

Art Attack! Madoka Magica Edition

And our etcetera section ends with an… art lesson? Indeed, this video teaches us to make a Kyuubey, using putty clay and other materials. This video is truly educational, and can be helpful for those who wants to own their own Kyuubey to make a contract with. Warning: Putty clay may be non-toxic, but please don’t eat it like Kyuubey did!

And sadly our night of celebration has to draw to a close. But thanks to you, the audience, for making this night successful, and I have to thank those who made and publish these good videos for the greater public. I hope none of these videos will be deleted in the future, so more fans can see these in the following years.

To end this occasion, I present to you the one of the traditions that has been passed for generations. No Walpurgisnacht would be complete without this one. What I’m talking about is the old-fashioned IT’S TIME TO HUNT DOWN AND BURN SOME WITCHES BABY!!!


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