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While I was looking for a batch torrent of Bakuman this morning, I stumbled across this one episode OVA, without any prior knowledge of it whatsoever. I decided to download it anyway without looking it up on ANN, and watched it afterwards. And I was impressed, so I decided to write a blog post about it.

Kowarekake no Orgel, or Half Broken Music Box, is this doujin OVA (doujin means self-published) from 2008, produced by this group called ElectromagneticWave. The OVA was first sold at Comiket 75 in December 2008, then got an official extended release later and was shown in a small theater.

The story is about a guy, named Keiichiro, or Keiichiro-kun if your a weeaboo, who finds this abandoned android girl sitting in a shrine one rainy day. The android girl was just sitting there, alone and unconscious. He decided to pick it up. And as I was watching this, I was thinking “Hmm? Unconscious android loli girl eh? I do not like where this is going”.

Then Keiichiro proceeds to take the android to an android repair shop. So at this point we can say that androids DO exist this world. Well in fact, they do, and they’re called Parents (wait what?), androids who take the form of little girls, and they’re basically household appliances who do chores, buy grocery and stuff. AND STUFF. Keiichiro learns that the android girl is an old model (well you found her in a dump son), but still decided to keep the already decommissioned, unconscious machine, Or is she?

B for BAIT

Overnight, the girl wakes up, and the first thing we see the next day is her doing the dishes. So she’s not decommissioned after all. And at the moment she turned her face around to greet Keiichiro, one show suddenly came to my mind… MOETAN.

Made for the KITCHEN to make SAMMICH

And they are indeed related. Electromagnetic Wave is in fact the doujin group of Moetan’s character designer POP, which also designed the characters for this OVA. Also in the group is the director, Keiichiro Kawaguchi (gee I fail to see the connection), as well as the screen character designer, Kouhaku Nishio, which also worked in Moetan in their respective positions. The studio who worked in Moetan, ACTAS, also worked in this project, but they were left uncredited. So now I can draw the parallels between the two shows.

Going back to the story, Keiichiro decides to name the android girl “FURAWA”, or Flower. Then from there we get to learn more about Flower and Keiichiro as the story progress.

Written in ketchup… with pinpoint accuracy!


My robot’s new memory module. Awwww.

Maybe it’s the HUGE ASS headphones that’s causing her to be tone deaf

I find the animation impressive, for a “doujin” level of work. There were a couple of inconsistencies here and there, but at the same time, there were little details in this short movie that I find interesting.

Based from the sound, she touched the 3rd (G) string


Overall I liked this little OVA, and I don’t want to say any spoilers because I want other people to watch this. It’s short and sweet. And it doesn’t have too much of anything, be it fanservice, or too much forced drama, which is good. Also, I find it interesting how these “doujin OVAs” are made, because it is one of the ways to sell a product without putting too much advertising, and no pressure from big companies. Maybe this is the model necessary to put the creative freedom back into anime. Who knows. So definitely check out Kowarekake no Orgel, it’s only 30 minutes and it’s worth your time.

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